Chicago DoB Announces Standardized Wireless Permit Process and Fees

The Chicago Department of Buildings has laid out the standardized process for wireless permits and fees according to the scope of work to be done. The new standardization defines which wireless projects require an electrical permits, easy permit process, easy permit process with plans and full building permits.

Click here to download the Chicago Department of Buildings Wireless Permit Process Memorandum

E Plan Guidelines and Standards for the City of Chicago

With Chicago adopting a paperless permit application process, there are bound to be some lingering questions regarding how the E Plan works and what specifications are required by the Department of Buildings. To help clear up any questions, we've included the city's standards and user guide below: 

Click here to download the E Plan User Guide

Click here to download the  E Plan File Type Drawing Standards

Phase 1 Consulting is continuing to stay on top of these policies as they evolve, and we remain committed to helping our clients through this transition. If you have questions about the E Plan or if you'd like to discuss how your project might be affected, email, call 312.223-1170 or fill out the contact form to the left.

Changes to the Chicago Permitting Process

In August of 2011, the City of Chicago announced that the Department of Buildings is moving forward with plans to implement changes to the building permitting process. The new measures are designed to improve efficiency in the permitting process and ultimately save tax payer dollars. As explained by Mayor Emanuel, "We are taking much-needed steps to increase efficiency and decrease the time it takes developers to obtain a building permit in the City of Chicago."

One of the key improvements is the implementation of the "E-Plan," a new review system that will allow architects to submit plans electronically, and will eliminate the need for paper plans to be delivered to City Hall for approval. To learn more about these changes, call Phase 1 Consulting at 312.765.7786, or email

What do the Permitting Changes Mean for You?

With these news measures, filling out all required documentation correctly and meeting the specifications of municipal codes remains as critical as ever. By managing all application details for you, Phase 1 Consulting ensures that your permits will be approved quickly and efficiently, and that the Chicago permitting changes will not present any obstacles for your team.

Top Reasons to Use Phase 1 Consulting for Building Permit Approvals:

  • Complete review of all permit documents
  • All online applications and forms completed by Phase 1
  • Complete coordination of the permit package (including attaching required ancillary documents e.g. condominium association letter, copies of previous permits, copies of previously approved permit plans, project photographs, etc.)
  • Obtain all required peripheral approvals (Driveways, Landscaping, Board of Underground, Landmarks, Department of Planning and Development, Storm Water Management, Sidewalk and Street Closure Permits, etc.)
  • Ensure compliance with notification ordinances (Wireless Site Notification & Administrative Adjustments)
  • Coordination of all required in person plan correction meetings
  • Obtain all required information or documentation from GC and Sub-Contractors

Please contact Phase 1 if you have any questions regarding the e permit process.

Thomas Taylor