Permit ApplicationJust about every permit expeditor out there claims to help with each step of the permitting process. What most of these companies do not do is take the extra steps to manage the details, the form-filling, and the other day-to-day tasks.

Is Your Permit Expeditor Saddling You with the Paperwork?

At Phase 1 Consulting, we truly handle every piece of the permit process for you, including the in-house completion of all documents and a comprehensive review before submittal. Here's how it works:

The Phase 1 Method

  • We appoint a project manager; this person will be your consistent point of contact and will act as a vital member of your team
  • You will receive updates and oversight as we complete all required documents and manage the procedural details
  • After a complete review, we ensure that all paperwork is filed on time and to the correct department
  • Your project manager will provide status reports until your permits have been approved

So how is Phase 1 different from the competition? We are true expeditors. For building permit consulting that keeps you on track and within budget, contact Phase 1 today at 312.223.1170  to set up a free consultation.