Building Permit ExpeditingPhase 1 Consulting helps you save time and maximize efficiency. We expedite approvals for all types of building permits and ensure compliance with building codes and zoning regulations nationwide. Whether you need a permit for a new commercial construction, a residential project, a national retail rollout, or a wireless antenna, we have the expertise to ensure quick and easy approvals.

Our knowledgable team is able to assist with any form of approval procurement, including all types listed below. We are also well-versed in the project management software used by many municpalities to process building permits.  To contact us with questions or to set up a free consultation, just fill out the form to the left, or call 312.223.1170.

Easy Permit Process

  • Suitable for non-structural, miscellaneous repair work (i.e. fences, roof repairs, garages)
  • No drawings required

Standard Process

  • Suitable for any type of project
  • In-house plan reviews conducted by the municipality
  • Additional approvals may be required from Fire, Planning, and Office of Underground Coordination


  • Can only be used by pre-qualified architects and structural engineers
  • Designed primarily for interior projects with limited life-safety issues
  • Applies to small, proto-typical new construction
  • Cursory review of submittal package conducted prior to permit issuance
  • Requires more input by the Architect of Record than any other process

Developer Services

  • Plan reviews Intended for "large and complex" projects
  • Recently expanded to include most types of work
  • City subcontracts most of the plan reviews to pre-approved 3rd party architecture and engineering firms
  • Project-specific schedule created for permit issuance

Fast Track Residential Process

  • Geared for residential projects up to 3 dwelling units
  • Design professional reasserts the responsibility for compliant drawings to receive cursory plan reviews