Building Code and Zoning Analysis

Building Code and Zoning AnalysisAt Phase 1 Consulting, we know some delays are unavoidable, but we believe that obtaining your permits should never be one of them. By identifying applicable building codes and conducting a thorough analysis of your municipality's zoning regulations, our code consultants are able to anticipate issues and avoid expensive delays and corrections down the road.

We customize the scope of our building code consulting and zoning analysis to meet the needs of your project. This can include a variety of services, including:

  • Identifying and analyzing zoning regulations and codes applicable to your project and location
  • Providing documentation, clarification, and advice to achieve code compliance
  • Completing and submitting any required paperwork
  • Reviewing residential and/or commercial accessibility and health codes

If you have specific questions about building codes or if a zoning analysis is needed for your project, call 312.223.1170 or fill out the form to left to set up a free consultation today.