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As a business that specializes in building permit consulting and expediting, we often hear the same question:

"Why should I use a permit expeditor instead of applying for the permits myself?"

Here are just a few reasons:

1. Save time and money. By managing every piece of the permitting process, including in-house completion of all documents, Phase 1 Consulting can save you reams of time -- and especially in this industry, time is money.

2. Use your resources where they're needed. With fast and easy permitting in place, we free up resources so you can focus on your project and any challenges that come up along the way. Read more about our process here.

3. Peace of mind. Beyond serving as permit expediters, we act as a vital member of your team, and our responsive staff goes the extra mile to offer guidance, identify issues early on, and prevent any costly surprises.



Our Features

Why Choose Us?

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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

For our clients deploying Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, we provide code and compliance advising, zoning analysis, permit consulting, equipment and installation services.

Looking to do a national, regional, or multi-station rollout, look no further. Phase 1 has you covered.

 Services we provide include

  • EV Charging Equipment 
  • Permit Consulting
  • Regulatory Compliance Analysis
  • Site Review
  • Installation Services

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We know Building Permits

When you work with Phase 1 for building permit approvals, you have a vital team member to offer guidance and resources throughout the process. With every client, we develop a complete understanding of the project so that we can streamline the submission and spot issues before they become problems.

Let Phase 1 expedite the building permit approvals for any upcoming project including:

  • New Commercial Construction
  • National Rollout Projects
  • Multi-Residential and Residential Construction and Build-Outs
  • Mixed Use Projects
  • Retail and Restaurant Projects
  • Interior Fitouts
  • Warehouses
  • Completing and submitting any required paperwork


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Wireless & Telecom Networking Services

For our clients deploying new or upgraded wireless networks, Phase 1 provides site acquisition and leasing services for projects across the country. Our experience includes managing several hundred wireless roll out projects for mobile communications carriers such as Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Dish Networks, and US Cellular.

By customizing a strategy to meet each client's goals, we help secure the optimal site on the best possible terms.

Services we provide include

  • Permit Consulting
  • Regulatory Compliance Analysis
  • Site Acquisition
  • Leasing Services


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Building Code Analysis and Zoning Analysis

At Phase 1 Consulting, we know some delays are unavoidable, but we believe that obtaining your permits should never be one of them. By identifying applicable building codes and conducting a thorough analysis of your municipality's zoning regulations, our code consultants anticipate issues and avoid expensive delays and corrections down the road.

We customize the scope of our building code consulting and zoning analysis to meet the needs of your project. This can include a variety of services:

  • Identifying and analyzing zoning regulations and codes applicable to your project and location
  • Providing documentation, clarification, and advice to achieve code compliance
  • Completing and submitting any required paperwork
  • Reviewing residential and/or commercial accessibility and health codes


How It Works

Take The Weight Off Your Shoulders

Just about every permit consultant out there claims to help with each step of the permitting process. What most of these companies do not do is take the extra steps to manage the details, the form-filling, and the other day-to-day tasks.

Is Your Permit Consultant Saddling You with the Paperwork?

At Phase 1 Consulting, we truly handle every piece of the permit process for you, including the in-house completion of all documents and a comprehensive review before submittal. Our services are listed below.



Keep your projects on time and on budget

Easy Permit Process

  • The easiest process for small projects.
  • Suitable for non-structural, miscellaneous repair work (i.e. fences, roof repairs, garages)
  • No drawings required


Standard Process

  • Suitable for any type of project
  • In-house plan reviews conducted by the municipality
  • Additional approvals may be required from Fire, Planning, and Office of Underground Coordination

Self Certification

  • Can only be used by pre-qualified architects and structural engineers
  • Designed primarily for interior projects with limited life-safety issues
  • Applies to small, proto-typical new construction
  • Cursory review of submittal package conducted prior to permit issuance
  • Requires more input by the Architect of Record than any other process

Developer Services

  • Plan reviews Intended for "large and complex" projects
  • Recently expanded to include most types of work
  • City subcontracts most of the plan reviews to pre-approved 3rd party architecture and engineering firms
  • Project-specific schedule created for permit issuance


Fast Track Residential Process

  • Geared for residential projects up to 3 dwelling units
  • Design professional reasserts the responsibility for compliant drawings to receive cursory plan reviews

End-to-End Process

  • Applies to small, proto-typical new construction
  • Cursory review of submittal package conducted prior to permit issuance
  • Requires more input by the Architect of Record than any other process.
  • Includes inspection scheduling

What They're Saying

"I've worked with Phase 1 Consulting on many projects they are very professional operation. I rely on them to coordinate many of the permit-related tasks that I am too busy to do myself. Phase 1 Consulting takes a proactive approach to solving my problems. I would definitely recommend them to others." Tim Locke - Senior Real Estate ManagerCB Richard Ellis, Inc.
"Phase 1 Consulting is consistently accurate, professional and timely with an emphasis on customer service. Committed and highly-trained making for a smooth, painless process." Colin M. Kihnke - President at CMK Development
"We have used Phase 1 Consulting for several years. They are extremely knowledgeable of the current codes and ordinances and consistently advised us how to best proceed with our projects. In particular, they have close working relationships with the staff at City Hall and can often resolve issues quite easily.We have complete confidence in their ability to navigate the often challenging process of obtaining permits from the City of Chicago." - Ken Brinkman - President at Environs Development, Inc.
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